A-Z Weddings - D is for...

This #WeddingWednesday it's all about some of the most important fun-factor elements of your big day. The letter 'D' encompasses lots of Wedding-y words (see bottom of post for more!) but we're looking at some of our FAVES.

D is for...


Your First Dance is one of the most magical moments of your Big Day. But getting it right can be harder than it seems. It can actually take quite some effort to make it look as effortless as what you've seen on the movies!

Our recommendation is that if you don't want to spend 12 months learning from a professional, that you just keep it simple and practise a simple moves at home that are easy to master but really effective.

First, Learn Some New Moves...

  1. 1. The Spin/Turn

If your other half is wearing a pretty gown, a spin is the perfect way to show it off and it really adds beauty to your dance.

Even though this move may look simple, it's always best to learn the footwork required to pull it off properly - and what to do with those arms!

Learn how to do this pretty move here

2. The Dip

The Dip is exactly as it sounds - you're dipping your partner down.

The Dip is arguably cliche, but is still one of those magical 'princess' moments that every Bride deserves to experience!

Learn The Dip here

3. Spin Your Partner in, and Back Out

This is a very romantic and quite an intimate move which kind of features a sweet little cuddle in the middle.

This Video incorporates this move as well as some other lovely ideas for you to yours on from home.

Looking for a beautiful choreography inspo? Just look at this incredibly Dreamy First Dance Idea and This Beautiful Pair. For something a little more upbeat to surprise your guests, you could even try Something Fun Like This

Stuck on the Song?

The song choice for your First Dance is also really important. It should be something that means a lot to both of you while still being something you can dance to. Unless you're having your dance professionally choreographed to your favourite song, then make sure you choose something that you can sway along to gracefully without being too upbeat - it can get a little awkward to maintain the romance if you go too rocky!

However, we also adore dances where the first part of the song is a more relaxed cover, which either blends seamlessly into a more upbeat version or that your band pick up the tempo for later on. This allows you time for the romantic couple part, before having your Band/DJ announce for everybody else to join you on the dance-floor. It's a great way to get the evening into full swing.

Here's The Best 150 First Dance Songs of All Time according to Wedding Experts 'Hitched'

For something a little different though, you might also consider these 100 Alternative First Dance Songs from Warble Entertainment.

And to top it all off...here's some Great Songs for A Full Dance Floor to keep the party going all night long.

Thinking of Making Your First Dance Even More Grand?

If something simple isn't enough passion for you, how about considering some show-stopping elements to really make your First Dance memorable?

We love These Fantastic First Dance Ideas from Dancing Brides to really add that WOW-Factor!

We have lots of lovely lighting options at Copperhouse Celebration Design - just get in touch with your ideas and we'll make your First Dance Dreams come true!

If these are a little too extra for your taste, our recommendation is to focus on the lighting. You can keep it really simple and budget-friendly while still achieving something that's truly breathtaking. Fairylights, festoons, and hanging bare bulbs at different heights are all stunning options - Just Hire a Professional to Put These Up (!!) to save on time and avoid any issues on the day. We have lots of lovely lighting options at Copperhouse Celebration Design - just get in touch with your ideas and we'll make your First Dance Dreams come true!

We've got more on Decorations as one of our 'D'-words for the day further down in this blog!

Other Important Dances

Other than your First Dance, it might also be incredibly lovely to add some other important dances in to your mix. For example, a dance with your parents will always be incredibly moving and a really special moment for them to be included.

Traditionally, there's a Father-Daughter Dance at Weddings, but you don't have to rely on a Paternal Figure for this!

While it's lovely for the Bride to dance with her Father (for song inspo for this click here) and the Groom with his Mother, modern romance and life circumstances call for the beautiful new tradition of dancing with somebody who means a lot to you. Whether this be your Mum, dad, Nan, Grandad, Brother, or a Friend. You do whatever feels right for you - even if that means not doing it at all!

You might also want to choreograph a group dance or add one of your favourite party dances to your line-up - think Cha Cha Slide, Thriller, Macarena, Saturday Night, Watch Me Whip and more...whatever you and your friends love on a night out, you should most definitely include in your evening. Flash Mobs are also becoming increasingly popular.

Finally, you might also consider a 'Final Dance' where you have a little Send-Off. Some people like to do a send-off 'tunnel', or you might ask your musician to invite everybody back onto the floor for one last hurrah - perhaps Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon, or Wonderwall by Oasis (my friends LOVE these!)

Oh...also, Say YES to Confetti Cannons!

D is also for...


Decorations are really important for glamming-up your venue and tables, and for adding your style and personality in to your Big Day.

Despite the current Pandemic, this time at home does allow couples to focus on planing their big day for after lockdown, and some time to do some more DIY Decorations - helping you save money and to add a little more of you in to your day. Check out these fab ideas from Pinterest...

For all your Wedding Decor wins, please browse our beautiful selection of Wedding Decorations and Props for Hire 💕

Thank You for Reading...

We hope you enjoyed browsing our #AtoZOfWeddings blog for the week. We chose to focus on Dance(s) and Décor this week, but there's so many other 'D' elements for Weddings - here's some more to think about...

  • Decisions

  • Diamantés

  • Diamond ring

  • Dress

  • DJ

  • Drinks

  • Devotion

  • Dinner

  • Diaphragm

  • Declarations

  • DIY Wedding Ideas

  • Desserts

  • ‘Do Not Play’ list

Can you think of some more important Wedding Items beginning with the letter 'D'? Loved reading this blog? Let us know!

With Love,

The Copperhouse Celebration Design Team Xoxo


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