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Hello and welcome to our first WED Blog post!

Here we'll be covering everything you can expect from 'The Event Design Blog' from the team at Copperhouse Celebration Design in 2020, and highlighting some the next few posts we have coming from March 2020!

Q - What is The Event Design Blog ('EDB') ?

The Event Design Blog is a fun and thorough source for all things trending in the weddings and private events industry, as well as a go-to hub for tips, tricks, advice and DIY hacks, that will save you money, time and stress! We believe Weddings and Events Planning should be as fun and stress-free as the big day itself and we'll help you to overcome common struggles (such as wedding party disagreements, how to choose a great wedding supplier: florists, photographers etc., how to avoid big day dramas, and MORE!)

You can also send us questions / challenges of your own for us to answer any time, or send topic requests for the blog!

Q - How Often Do You Post?

We'll be posting as frequently as possible, and will be responding to questions whenever you need help! We have a weekly and monthly schedule of regular posts about certain topics, but will also post additional pieces as soon as we uncover brand new trends and fantastic offers for you! We will also be on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for even more Weddings and Events news and inspiration! See some of our planned post topics below...

Our Usual WEEKLY Content Schedule:

Monday Moments -

Our favourite wedding or party picture of the week from our ongoing obsession researching all-things events. Our favourite image of the week which inspires romance, togetherness, squad goals, or having a down-right good time.

Tuesday Chats / Top Tips for Tuesday -

We’ll be answering all of your questions about wedding and party planning LIVE on Tuesday Evenings.

We’ll also be sharing some of our answers on our blog and feeds which we feel could be useful for lots of couples and party planners out there. DM us a question on Facebook, Instagram, or contact us via our website - a problem shared is a problem halved after all!

Wedding Wednesday -

Our Weekly Wedding Dream Blog, taking inspiration from Weddings around the World and advice for making the most out of the services at Copperhouse Celebration Design.

Themes on Thursday -

This blog is a fun account of some wonderful wedding and event themes which might be #trending, inspiringly innovative, fabulously eccentric, or totally unique.

Supplier Sunday -

We look at our favourite wedding / events supplier of the week including one for Norfolk (being our home county) and one for further-afield. Supplier Sunday will look at outstanding suppliers who’ve caught our eye for outstanding aesthetic, value, and/or service reasons, and can cover anything from venues, to floristry, entertainment, and beyond.

If you’d like some quick, unbiased recommendations for your county or needs, please get in touch and we’ll help towards finding what you’re looking for.

Our Usual MONTHLY Content Schedule:

Top 20 Under £20 -

A monthly blog covering some out our favourite decorative and handy bargains for planning weddings and parties)

Top Tones and Trends -

A monthly blog covering new trends and fool-proof favourites for colour schemes and themes for the month of your wedding. This will even cover florals that will be in season when you get married to save on costs and stress, and some top picks for other important colour scheme centred items for your big day such as bridesmaid dresses!

We post these one year in advance of your wedding month to ensure the trends are fresh and the advice is relevant for your big day, so we advise checking the blog relevant to your wedding month about a year in advance of your big day to ensure you’ve considered all of the palettes and themes to suit your season and month.

Monthly round-up -

A blog highlighting our favourite finds and top advice covered in all of the month’s blogs. Perfect for those who want to keep up to date on their planning but don’t have as much time as you might like to read all of our recent posts

Make It Yours - Priceless Personalisations -

A regular instalment that looks into how to make your big day unique to you and your guests: from ideas for naming and numbering your tables, to designing your own cocktails, choosing Favours which guests will actually take home, and making the day truly memorable

Beating the Blues -

A monthly blog which supports couples after their wedding, towards really enjoying the aftermath of the big day and looking forward to what comes next.

The ‘Wedding Blues’ are a real problem. Whether it’s just not having that big something to do and plan in your spare time, or the post-adrenaline come-down from the big day itself, or not having such a big event to look forward to now... the Wedding Blues can even encompass mild-to-serious symptoms of depression and anxiety. This may form from personal issues, a feeling of a lack of purpose or excitement in life, no longer having an excuse for regular scheduled appointments with friends and family who you’ve spent a lot of time with before the wedding, or even something that disappointed you or didn’t go to plan on your big day.

The Big Day Blues can be as fleeting or as serious as mental conditions can be, but we’re here to help get you through them and to move forward with your wonderful lives as a married couple!

Our Usual FORTNIGHTLY Content Schedule:

'The-Once-Per-Fortnight-Organiser's-Recommendations' (TOP FOR...) -

The 'TOP FOR' (The Once Per Fortnight Organiser's Recommendations) column is a quick review of some of our top recommendations for Wedding and Events essentials. Some example features will include candles, wedding party gifts, favours, sweets for your candy cart, prosecco, artificial flowers, and so on...

If you have any ideas for what might be useful being featured in this column or a recommendation to add, just get in touch!

The Bi-Weekly Bargains Blog

This fortnightly feature will be a hub for hunting bargains from decorations to dresses. We'll scour the internet for the best sales in-store and online from thousands of retailers to make your finances go a little further so you can get more for money and make your big day and save a little extra!

If you have a sale you'd like to be featured in this column, or you've found a bargain that might help another event planner, then please do get in touch with the details - it's totally free to be a part of subject to a quick validity review from us!

As you can see we've got a lot in store for you and we hope you find the tips and tricks from The WED Blog to be fun and useful for your planning.

We, the team at Copperhouse Celebration Design, are really excited to get started on our 2020 events and meet lots of lovely new faces over the coming months. Thank you for reading our first ever blog post from our little corner of the web.

Happy Planning! xo

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