Themes on Thursday: APRIL (Week 4)

Are you getting married in April? This blog might be the perfect source of inspiration to start your big day dreaming...

This week we're covering the perfect colour scheme for your Mid-Spring Wedding. April is the the height of spring - it's associated with new life, blossoming trees and fields, and a light, airy feeling of promise of hot Summer days while still holding a cool breeze - it really is the perfect time of year to get married!

April is perfect for that whimsical countryside vibe - whether your embracing endless fields around your country manor or great farmyard barn, or you're infusing the essence of wildflowers and light-hearted fun in your downtown wedding space, it's the perfect time of year for soft pastel colours paired with natural, earthy tones and a hint of shimmer.

The powder blues and blush pinks are great all-year round, and this colour scheme is a very popular choice, but there is no better time of year for it to suit than April!

Visit our 'Blush 'n' Blue' Pinterest Board for more Ideas!


TOP TIPS for doing this colour scheme right:

You really want to ensure your shades match throughout and that the exact shades of pink and blue complement each other well.

As always, prepare your colour palette with your ideal colour swatches (Pantone swatches are really useful for this!) and make a mood board before you start delving deeper and purchasing for your big day.

This colour scheme can easily become more contrasting than complementing, and unless you want a more vibrant appeal, then you should make sure you have a perfect pairing of a soft blue and pink. Pairing either with a deeper tone (e.g. baby pink with a sky blue, or a powder blue with just blush pink and no baby pink at all) will create more of a contrast, rather than a soft, sweet, romantic vibe. Likewise, too-soft colours will end up looking more like a nursery/baby shower, than a wedding!

As a good example of this colour scheme executed perfectly, we've mixed the 'Baby Blue' pantone, with both the 'Bubblegum' and the 'Rose Quartz' pantones. It's always a great idea to mix-and-match your bridesmaids' dresses with either two-tone pinks (and then powder blue suits with pink ties for the for the groomsmen), or all three colours for the girls' dresses, and a less colourful option for the gents (e.g. powder blue and white only - no pink except for perhaps a light touch in the button holes).

For Tablescapes, gold cutlery and coloured (light pink or blue) glassware will look absolutely stunning alongside a light pink or blue chiffon table runner adorned with white, pink and blue florals with a base of greenery, and hints of both shiny and dull golds/brass in from bud vases/candle holders dotted throughout - perhaps some coloured tapered candles?

Flowers are the most important element of this colour scheme - the Button Holes, Bouquets, Centrepieces, Wedding Arch, and even the Wedding Cake should incorporate florals to match the palette with a base of greenery. Complementing ribbons, bows, and chiffon drapes in white or a matching light pink/blue will take these to the next level (we wouldn't recommend mixing the colours or even the textures of the fabrics you use though - stick to chiffon + satin where needed, keep it simple.

As a final note, keep this palette clean. You don't need to get too fussy with patterns, geometrics, etc. with your wedding for this scheme - the colours are really bold despite being soft and will do all of the necessary 'prettification' for you. The only accents you really need are the sleek highlights of gold. We wouldn't even stretch to rose gold (but that's more of a personal opinion!)

For more advice on making Blush 'n' Blue work for your big day (making it suit your venue/skin tones/etc.) please just get in touch!

But for now, take your time browsing our simple mood board above and for more inspo on this colour scheme Check out our Blush 'n' Blue Pinterest Board!

See you next Thursday for our first 'Themes on Thursday' for May!

With Love,

The Copperhouse Team Xoxo


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