Themes on Thursday: MAY (Week 1)

Tying the knot in May? This post will cover some inspo for one of our favourite pallettes that's perfect for late Spring...


(no, NO fur here)

Today we're looking at quite the unexplored shade 'Mink' paired with other similar tones. These colours are perfect for a late-Spring wedding when the weather is warming. It's the perfect balance of romance and luxe, edging on the side of that warm fuzzy feeling when you've had a couple of cocktails on a warm near-Summer day.

May is a beautiful month to get married; even the sound of 'May' sounds lovely. It's the perfect time to say your "I-Dos" in a venue with tall windows and even taller ceilings - today's scheme will really ooze a sense of luxury indulgence to match!

So what is MINK?!

MINK is a subtle, neutral tone that's a warm (rather than cool) beige. It is somewhere between dusky pink, dusky mauve, taupe and beige. No, no fur here please, just a beautiful shade which is really going to be popular in coming years. It's beautiful paired with almost any colour, but we like it best mixed-in with other, similar neutrals as those it sits between.

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of an official 'mink' colour so you can choose your own fave 'mink-y' shade for you!

Visit our 'Mink 'n' Pink' Pinterest Board for more Ideas!


How to work with MINK...

The idea of this Wedding Colour Scheme is to ensure you still to neutral tones that complement each other (come from a similar swatch of colours)

When you're creating your colour scheme, it's always best practise to quite literally pull the colours you like and put them together to see what works, once you've selected your main colours (4-6) you can then use this as a base that you can refer back to for all of your choices - you might even choose to carry your homemade swatch-card around with you while shopping for your Wedding.

Oftentimes, 6 colours might end up looking a little messy and disjointed, owing to simplistic, natural vibes of this palette, more shades can work really well while fewer might look to simple and get lost amongst all of your white and greenery. You want it to be subtle but not that subtle or you may as well have gone for all-white!

Anyhoo... if you can't decide on any more than three or four colours, it can be a good idea to throw in a light beige and some earthy green/brown tones - on the lighter scale. Remember, you should always include white in your colour scheme if you plan on using a lot of white (e.g. white tablecloths, white flowers in amongst the rest), this is because a lot of white surrounding this scheme can really impact the way it comes across (more or less muted), and it's a good idea to check that you like your main colours alongside the white before opting to use whites elsewhere. Even white crockery can have a big impact on any colour palette, so it's always a good idea to practise your table decor as closely as possible at home, or even at the venue.

Our example of 'Mink 'n' Pink' makes use of various shades of light pinks, beige and mink and taupe alongside off-white for an aesthetically balanced palette. The plush tones are simple and calm with warmth and plush-y vibes.

We recommend mixing the light pinks and mink colours in throughout your flowers, bridesmaid dresses, table decor (candles, etc.) and stationary.

For Tablescapes, dull cutlery is better due to not being as distracting from the neutral palette - so vintage utensils are a great choice. Clear or light pink glassware would also look lovely alongside neutral cheesecloth or chiffon runners and touches of light pink/mink silks. Dull golds/brass bud vases/candle holders would be a great option as far as vessels go.

A key issue with this theme is to have too many different shades. Stick closely to your homemade colour swatch card and let that guide you through the correct shades to mix and match without bringing too many other variations into the mix.

Think 'all-natural'. The easiest way to find decor to match this scheme is to search along the lines of 'natural wedding decor'. Woven/wicker baskets, peacock chairs, concrete candle holders, stoneware and other matte-look objets made of natural, earthy materials will look perfect when paired with your other decor. You don't really need to get too fussy with anything sparkly, shiny or metallic with this scheme - unless your opting for a more gold/rose-gold/copper-glamour look. If you want to add some contrast, hints of sleek black decor will look incredible against the earthy palette - giving it a more modern and 'rocker' look.

For further advice on making this beautiful Mink 'n' Pink theme work for your big day - message us for quick chat. We can also direct you to the perfect mood board for you!

But for now, take your time browsing our simple mood board above and for more inspo on this colour scheme Check out our Mink 'n' Pink Pinterest Board!

See you Thursday 14th for our next instalment of May's 'Themes on Thursday'!

With Love,

The Copperhouse Team Xoxo


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