Themes on Thursday: MAY (Week 2)

MAY this be your #WeddingMonth?! This week's #ThemesOnThursday will look at our coolest and most soothing palette yet...



Sage is a beautiful shade of green that sits somewhere between green, brown and grey. It's a really earthy tone that looks stunning as the base to any colour scheme.

Another fab benefit about Sage is that it suits pretty much every skin tone, hair and eye colour, making it a perfect choice for Bridesmaid Dresses and Suits. Greenery is a cost-effective way of adding a touch of romance to your big day and any colour palette featuring Sage should definitely make use of eucalyptus, ferns and perhaps even succulents for something unique!


Gold has been a really popular tone throughout the history of weddings. While rose gold has been a go-to for many in more recent years, Gold is always going to be a timeless, romantic shade forever.

Gold is a beautiful highlight to add some warmth and sparkle to any colour scheme and when paired with green look really rich and forest-luxe, but when paired with light blues, can look breathtakingly whimsical.

You should use Gold in moderation for a sleek touch of glam throughout your decor.


Blues tend to be a theme throughout most modern Weddings. Whether it just features in the suits, pairing perfectly with most other colours, or if it's one of the key colours for a scheme.

Dusty Blue in particular is a much-loved variety of blue. Many couple choose to pair it with white, pink, yellow, or peach for a romantic vibe. But now that Sage is on-trend too, it makes sense to opt for Sage paired with Dusky Blue for a fashionable, yet still fairly unique palette to wow your guests.


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Making Sage, Gold & Dusty Blue HAPPEN

This colour scheme is one that you really need to stick to if you're going to make things look 'together'. For anywhere where you can't (or don't want to) use Sage or Dusty Blue, you should opt for White or Off-White.

We prefer Off-White because it's a little creamier and not as harsh against this otherwise-soft and earthy colour scheme.

You should try to stick to a strict combo of either two shades of blue and two shades of green for this scheme, or 3-blue-vs-2 green palette if you want to more heavily feature blue, or vice-versa. This is because the decor can start to look more 'under the sea' if you start bringing in too many shades. Likewise, you need to opt for more subtle, soft hues rather than brighter shades - for a similar reason!

When thinking about textures and materials, blue looks incredible on cheesecloth and other more unconventional fabrics. Sateen is also perfect for both greens and blues. Shinier fabrics can come off a little cheaper looking with these colours unless used with a really keen eye.

As for the gold, either stick to Dull Gold (i.e. Brassy/Antique Gold) for a more rustic, earthy feel, or opt for Bright Gold for something a little more glam. Alternatively, we think a Middle-Gold (between the two) is perfect for this palette and definitely what we'd choose against these blues and greens.

To use Gold minimally, think about using small Gold tealight holders/bud vases, or clear candle holders accented with gold. Gold cutlery and charger plates can also look really lovely, alongside Greenery-focused centrepieces and Blue napkins/runners over Off-White tablecloths...but do practise the layout first as it might all be a bit 'much'.

Bringing in a Pop of Colour

If the blues and greens of this scheme are too cool for your taste and you want to brighten things up a little, you absolutely can. Similarly, if you'd like something a little more moody and modern (more to the industrial-luxe vibe), then you can really make it work there too.

With brighter, light colours we recommend using only slight touches throughout to avoid too much of a contrast verging on the side of fluorescent. We've popped some examples below.

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As for Moodier, Richer tones, we again say to opt for one darker colour in favour of one of the more subtle shades. However this time, instead of using the bolder colour minimally, you could also opt to use it more equally to the cooler tones. We love how Dark Blues look against this scheme - very luxe, especially when accenting with a mid-gold throughout!

Otherwise, use some 'pops' of either a Darker Blue or Purple. Anemone Flowers and Thistles look so dreamy against the Sage and Dusky Blue.

Another option, to take this scheme to 'Whimsical Wedding', is to use less green hues in favour for dusky mauves. Here's some examples of Dusky Sage, Dusky Blue and Dusky Purple together - a more mermaid-y, fairytale wedding vibe!

But Why Choose this Colour Scheme for May Weddings?

May lends itself to lush greenery thanks to a combo of Spring Showers and Summer Sunshine.

It's the perfect time of year for a more earthy, natural wedding, making use of lots of foliage alongside fluffier blooms such as early Peonies, frilly Roses, and Anemones.

If you chose may for it's warm-but-not-quite-heatwave benefits and for that ideal Royal Wedding forecast from a few years ago, then it might be that you're not seeking anything too warm and vibrant.

Sage is the perfect tone to cool-down any colour scheme, while the Dusty Blues allude to late Spring, with the Gold adding just that hint of warmth to complement 'almost-Summer' promise that May brings. It's the perfect combination of colours for the changing season for a palette that's both warm and cool, and relaxed yet luxe.

As we covered earlier in this wedding blog, this scheme also works beautifully with the odd pop of colour from peach to yellow, but also looks stunning when paired whimsically against dusky purples, or when contrasted against strongly featured deep blues and thistle-purples. We always refer back to the centre of a white Anemone or Thistle plant for the perfect complementing shades for a moodier take on this scheme.

So, even if you do want a little bit of colour, this scheme is the perfect base for the time of year, making your May Wedding really versatile to a whole array of Colour Scheme possibilities if you're not the classic 'All White' type (which, of course, works all-year-round due to the occasion!)

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For More Tips on making the 'Sage, Gold & Dusky Blue' hue work for your Big Day, please do get in touch to chat all things Weddings - we're always happy to offer free, professional advice to bring your decor together and really make things flow as beautifully as your Pinterest Board.

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