Beautiful Brass Candlesticks add timeless vintage glamour to any setting and are a fabulous finishing piece of beauty. They're rustic yet sophisticated - perfect for a variety of themes and pallettes.


The collection features candlesticks of a variety of sizes and shapes to add depth and interest to tables and ledges. The varying heights create stunning layers of light when grouped together (think mixed centrepieces enrobed with greenery and dyed cheesecloth!)


£2.00 per candlestick. Discounts available on bulk and when grouped with other Copperhouse hire items.




Looking for the perfect candles for your brass candlesticks? Get in touch for advice!


Looking for other brass treasures to elevate your decor? Get in touch to see how we can help source more brass pieces.

Tall Sleek Glass Candlesticks

  • PLEASE TAKE CARE when putting candles into these candlesticks: we recommend holding the candlestick by the head (where the cangle goes in), and gently moulding your candles into the hole by twisting and applying gentle pressure. PLEASE DO NOT hold the candlesticks by the thin stem or base when adding candles, and do not apply excessive pressure.

    ALSO: Please also do not place the candlestick on a surface then try to add the candle - only hold it in your hand by the head as above.

    These candlesticks are extremely fragile, we recommend you ensure they're in the centre of tables and are not too close to any edges of areas where they might be easily knocked, both due to their fragile nature and the danger of lit candles being knocked over.


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